Classting: Avant-garde LMS for Public Schools

Dave H. Cho, Founder & CEO
Having served as an elementary school teacher for four years, Dave H. Cho found that teachers in a public school system are not equipped with the best content to educate students or adequate tools and resources to evaluate them. Besides, they are burdened with added responsibilities which limit them from fulfilling even their basic task. Realizing this problem, Cho decided to quit his job and initiate an educational service that led to the birth of Classting. The EdTech startup develops a learning management system (LMS), Classting Learning that can enhance the learning management and experience for both students and teachers. On top of that, Classting builds an educational, social networking site (SNS) to facilitate communication among teachers, students, and parents.

To empower teachers with top-notch tools and content, Classting partners with 25 of the country’s leading content providers. Through Classting Learning, teachers can easily find high-quality content online and get students to learn at their own pace. Once students are done with learning, their performance statistics appear on an analytics dashboard that teachers can review. Based on the statistics, teachers can then provide feedback to students individually via the social networking platform while also recommending suitable content according to each student’s caliber. By reviewing the active learning data generated within the service using AI, Classting provides the most accurate and satisfying adaptive learning. “With the expansion of our service, students and parents can easily and objectively check the current level of learning so that they can plan more effective learning methods in the future,” says Dave H. Cho, founder & CEO at Classting.

On the technology front, Classting is at the leading-edge bringing advanced technologies such as AI, machine learning, and IoT into education via its solution. At the core of its LMS is machine learning that analyzes students’ learning curve and selects content that will help them improve their performance on their own.

We have created an environment where big data related to education can accumulate and modify technology to enable individual learning

With the recent upgrade of the analysis report function, students and parents can check their personal analysis data in real time on mobile and PC, so that they can further work on their drawbacks at home. By applying 'Deep Learning' technology, students are able to do more efficient personalized learning based on each vulnerable part.

Moreover, Classting fulfills both functions of LMS and SNS. “We have created an environment where big data related to education can accumulate and modify technology to enable individual learning,” Cho notes. However, Classting is different from other SNS, in that unlike other SNSs, which are open to many unspecified students, Classting shares contents, distinctly related to learning, with closed service created for school use.

At present, Classting has more than 10,000 contents developed by more than 20 major education companies in Korea and abroad. With the insights gained from Korea, the team at Classting plans to expand to other public schools in Asia, such as Singapore, Taiwan, and Japan. Having successfully conducted pilots in Taiwan and Japan, the team is currently in negotiation with a distribution partner in Singapore. “Top investors including Softbank and Samsung today believe in Classting's vision to improve the education environment through technology,” extols Cho.

The company has taken quite a big leap, from its inception in 2012 to solidify its brand recognition with Classting Learning in 2017, and resolves to continue its support and contribution to public education. Classting’s near-term goals include focusing its capabilities on platform development and intensifying content recommendation and curation services by cooperating with carefully selected contents.