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Top 10 EdTech Startups - 2019

Change is inevitable and forms the basis for innovation. The rapid pace of technological evolution is impacting a range of sectors, including education. The introduction of robust solutions is transforming the way teachers and students interact. EdTech is facilitating learning and enhancing performance by developing, using, and managing relevant technological processes and resources. It has transformed the traditional way of teaching with a more digital approach.

Several EdTech startups are making a mark in the education sector by transforming the way students approach learning. Their offerings are benefiting teachers and students in more ways than one by bringing more engagement into the learning process. They are making education fun and exciting, helping them learn better, remember better, and apply their acquired knowledge into real life.

Inspired by the innovative trends transforming the industry, Education Technology Insights has compiled a list of the top 10 EdTech Startups to recognize the companies making significant contributions to the world of education in 2019. With powerful and innovative technological offerings under their hood, the featured startups are set to revolutionize the approach to education and foster a productive learning spirit among students through the integration of robust software solutions. This edition of Education Technology Insights also blends thought leadership, from subject-matter experts with real-life stories, on what selected vendors are doing for their clients, including exclusive insights from CIOs and CXOs. We hope it will improve the delivery of crucial knowledge to the learners.

We present to you Education Technology Insights’, “Top 10 EdTech Startups – 2019.

    Top EdTech Startups

  • Cirrus Assessment is dedicated to creating the easiest to use, engaging, and affordable e-Assessment solutions. At Cirrus Assessment, they are passionate about education and its ability to empower people across the globe. They believe that technology is a powerful tool for the effective delivery and assessment of the knowledge, and they are committed to making their technology accessible to everyone. Additionally, Cirrus Assessment has a committed team of developers, a multi-lingual support group, visual and interaction designers in the field of e-Assessment that have extensive experience in the technology sector

  • GreekXperience creates technology that helps non-affiliated students, members, alumni, chapters and administration; all contribute to a smarter, safer, and more meaningful Greek community. The company envisions optimizing the way college fraternity members are recruited to mitigate membership retention risks, and maximize the potential impact every new member may have in their organizations. With roots in technology and analytics that drive business process efficiency and improve decision-making, GreekXperience works toward ensuring a better college experience for the Greek community. Be it a chapter, headquarter or a Greek council, GreekXperience helps in growing their membership, improve retention while producing a collaborative community

  • Pharos Resources is a service-based software company helping institutions foster a culture of care for their at-risk students through the unique approach of Relational Retention. One of the top EdTech startups, Pharos Resources has developed Pharos 360, a software platform that combines supportive connections with strategic intervention to help guide each student to success. The platform integrates with existing student information and learning management systems and is accessible with single sign-on, facilitating ease-of-use for universities. Anyone on campus can provide information about an “at-risk student” through an early alert referral. The platform also offers add-on applications such as Pivot, Time-free, and Present.

  • RobotLAB has developed standards-aligned K-12 programs, which make use of robots to enhance learning, understanding, and information-retention while broadening schools’ investment in curricula. Their innovative programs help the schools across the country to excel in these subjects while using robots, computer science, coding and programming. They also help to develop 21st-century skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration, all while learning core-subjects in a fun and engaging way. RobotLAB is dedicated to providing educators and students with tools that truly bring learning to life, energize teaching and learning STEM experiences by tapping into students’ natural enthusiasm about robots

  • Student EduCare is an education technology company that developed a comprehensive web portal for K-12 schools and international students. Educare is a SaaS enabled marketplace for K-12 international students to find matched schools and apply to overseas K-12 schools. The company manages a mobile app called EduCare which is designed to improve communication among parents of K12 international students, teachers and host families. EduCare has been officially certified by the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange and has received investment from New Oriental, China's largest provider of private educational services

  • 5-Star Students

    5-Star Students

    California-based 5-Star Students has a mission is to provide a useful, self-service tool to help educators and administrators steer student involvement in school activities and events. It was developed by educators with over 30 years of combined teaching and administration experience. Along with the knowledge and power of the internet and barcode scanning technologies, they can offer a unique and affordable program to make the school a better place. The 5-Star Students program is designed to be a simple, yet powerful tool to keep track of student participation and recognize involvement on campus

  • Blackboard


    Blackboard is one of the most extensive education technology and services company, serving nearly 100 million users around the globe. The company’s portfolio of services and products spans Teaching and Learning, Community Engagement, and Services, making sure that the learner experience the best, both in and outside of the classroom. Its products and services support learners at every level throughout the student lifecycle from kindergarten to the workplace. They ensure the security and safety of the learning environment, engage and communicate with parents and community members, deliver personalized teaching and learning

  • Kuali


    At Kuali, they believe innovation is powered by collaboration. They understand that by coming together with higher education leaders, they will be able to identify real-world problems and create solutions that work. Their job is to help people quickly and effectively navigate the obstacles they face every day in the higher education landscape. Every interaction is a chsnce to delight and transcend expectations. They prioritize the user experience and design to add value. They have the power to inspire with continuous improvement that is driven by innovation. They evolve through frequent iterations and incremental improvements

  •, founded in 1999, provides educators with solutions to prepare their students with critical digital literacy skills. Their web-based curriculum for grades K-8 engages students as they learn keyboarding, online safety, applied productivity tools, and computational thinking. offers K-12 solutions to help students, teachers, and schools flourish in a digital world. Districts prepare their students with the technology and skills needed for success on online assessments, college, and the workforce using digital literacy solutions of Through implementation services and professional development, it serves educators as they integrate technology and digital content into instruction

  • Project Education

    Project Education

    Project ELL is a customizable ELL product, now part of the Project Education line of products and services. Their management team has 20 years of educational, technology, and software experience. They use that knowledge to develop the educational software platform that districts need; comprehensive, efficient, and easy to use. Project Education core principles are one of the aspects that makes them a great company. They provide not only a solution to the Education program needs but a true partnership. Project Education’s mission now, goes beyond ELLs to all students in the district