EdTech Startups 2020

Top 10 EdTech Startups - 2020

Top 10 EdTech Startups - 2020

Top EdTech Startups

With an evidence-based technology and research-based teaching approach, Eli Review promotes critical thinking, which helps students develop better writing skills. Leveraging technology, Eli Review provides workflow and features that turn the traditional writing classroom into a studio where students can seamlessly collaborate with one another while the instructors can also oversee rich and engaged peer-learning environments. Eli Review has grown to become the most informative technological platform in the market that facilitates peer learning. Today, instructors are using Eli Review in a diverse range of disciplines, including 3rd grade ELA, 7th grade Spanish, 9th grade Social Studies, First-Year Composition, College Junior Computer Science, and M.A. level pharmacology. Around 40,000 students use Eli Review daily, enabling rich peer learning environments in more than a hundred institutions


Proctor360 is a Washington DC-based EdTech startup that provides complete, turn-key remove proctoring solutions to make remote proctoring easy and effective. By bringing its novel remote proctoring technology and service to the market, this Virginia-based company is rising to the growing need for secure online testing. From a single camera, 360° total view testing headset, to a SaaS platform for institutions, the company offers them all to make remote proctoring easy and effective. Proctor360 caters to higher education colleges and universities, as well as training and certification companies with a clear focus on customer relations and communication